NK Empowerment Project

Jul 22, 2022

NK Empowerment Project is a charity-run business to help women leave toxic environments and abusive relationships. We support women in developing themselves to get right back on track to a happy, healthy lifestyle.


Why Did I Start This Project?

The idea of the project came after my own experiences of being in toxic relationships and having to rely on family members to help me out - having to ask for help and this charity left me feeling degraded, as if somehow, I had done something wrong by getting into a relationship like this in the first place. I have spent 3 years working on my own self-worth, learning how to manage and control my emotions, as well as understanding my emotional attachments and how to remove the unhealthy ones. Doing this has helped me to not only see that abuse is not love, but it has also helped me to create a better lifestyle for myself and my family.

I have spoken with various women in Cheshire who have told me that they have been in a refuge before and they didn't feel safe or protected, although refuges are doing an amazing job and hats off to them for the support they give to the women, some of them do not offer a suitable level of privacy - there is always need for more support in this area.

For example, one lady suffered with low self-esteem and self-worth. I spoke with her and she told me more of her story, she lived with a narcissistic husband whom she has been with for over 26 years, she had a 4 bedroom house and spent years staying there as she didn't want to take her children to somewhere that was not giving her the privacy or security she needed. She was dependent on her husband financially, she hadn’t worked for years as she was told to be a stay at home mum. She didn't have a close family that could help so she allowed the behaviour to continue for the sake of her children. This is what we are aiming to stop.


The Idea

With the help of our sponsorships and donations, we are offering subsidised accommodation for 3 months for those escaping domestic violence - the camp will be open to all women regardless of age or children. During these 3 months, our women will receive the coaching and mentoring they need to learn how to cope with their past and how to build a better, stronger relationship with those around them. First and foremost, themselves. Learning how to remove the co-dependency and stand on their own two feet, not only will we be actively helping and supporting our women regain strength and happiness, NEP will also be supporting local businesses by providing renting space in our facility areas, therefore creating job opportunities for our women and local members of the public.

When the site is built and running, we plan to have multiple chalets (one, two and three bed) to house our women, multiple studios for daily activities, an all-female staff excluding security at the gates (for comfort and safety), nursery for those with children (home-schooling can be provided for women travelling), on-site facilities such as a shop, hairdressers, canteen and many more, a separate paid retreat facility and paid workshops delivered by Nina Kundi Coaching, which will also bring in extra revenue for the project per year.

We feel that women don’t get enough support after leaving abusive and toxic environments, whether that be in relationships, workplaces or within the home. This is not because of the support out there; we feel there just isn’t enough for the number of women who need the help. These women deserve to be supported that we know to be true, that’s why this project is so important to us and many others. It holds a very personal and close place in our hearts, and we hope that you can see the important of this amazing cause!

I will also look forward to sharing more updates as the project comes into fruition.

Get involved here at nep-project.com/donate – one-off donations and monthly donations are available.

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