Heartache is a thing, relationship breakups are real!

May 17, 2022

The feeling that it leaves you with can often make you feel destroyed...
Your mind tells you that life as you know it is over, no one will love you again...this was the last chance you had for romance!

You want to curl up in a ball hoping it will all go away, if you just close your eyes for one minute the nightmare will stop.

What the mind doesn't tell you is...

You have been through this before.
You have survived worse and come out of it.
You have mended your heart before.
You found another love.

Not everyone is supposed to be in your life forever and that's ok, some people are here to teach us what we need to heal from...

Following the same patterns of behaviour from abuse or trauma often leads you to find similar people, these people are there to help you to understand that if you build a better relationship with yourself, you won't allow others to treat you this way!

Once you have built up self-esteem and self-worth you attract like-minded people,
Who don't need to be fixed,
Who don't have the need to try to change you,
Who have dealt with their own issues,
Who respect you,
Who values you as a person,
Who are ready to grow with you,
Who won't cheat on you,
Who won't abuse your trust,
Who won't break your heart.

The relationship you have with yourself sets precedence for how others treat you.

If someone has broken your heart, ask yourself why? What is it telling you? Is this person really your person? What can you learn from this experience?

Tell yourself daily
"I am strong"
"I am beautiful"
"I am worthy of a better life"
And make sure you allow the emotion to pass, bottling it up will only lead to further complications later on down the line...

Before you jump on Tinder or any other dating sites to fill the void, spend time with YOU!

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