Aug 19, 2022

We are exceptionally good as people in believing what others say, their beliefs are passed down to us and we follow like sheep!

Example – find a partner, get married, buy a house, have child...

When we are consumed by other people’s beliefs, we assume that we cannot achieve the best life unless we follow suit. When we take in the information, do we honestly believe what we are taking in is true?

Do you change this belief, or do you just accept it?


How do we change our mindset?

Follow what we believe works for us.

Challenge what you are being told, "does this work for you?" and if the answer is NO...change it!

Model yourself on someone who is following their own path, instead of people who are living their life the ideological way. Follow people with the same mindset that you are trying to achieve.

What kind of language are you using? Positive or negative?

Give your mind a vision – paint a picture, feel it, smell it, taste it…What do you WANT?

Learn more and apply your learning – we can sit and study all day, if we don’t apply what we have learnt we will never see or seek the changes.

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