Why Do We Need Intimacy?

Aug 05, 2022

 Did you know there are 4 types of intimacy?

Experimental – People bond together during activities

Emotional Intimacy – People feel safe sharing their feelings with each other even we our feelings are uncomfortable ones

Intellectual intimacy – People feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions even when they may disagree

Sexual Intimacy – People engage in sensual activities


People often just assume that intimacy means sexual – however, this is where a person is most vulnerable, and some people find it hard to open up and discuss their feelings.

Telling a loved one what you need can be challenging, as it can bring up topics that are uncomfortable to talk about such as the past – when starting to rebuild intimacy its always best practise talking about the future.

Often people have a fear of intimacy, it requires a great deal of trust - fear of rejection, abandonment issues, control issues, past abuse may have all lead to this fear.

Intimacy in a long-term relationship is built over years, you may have bouts of intimacy at the start. You can regain intimacy with your partner – this is not a race; this is something that has to be worked on with both parties.

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