Loving Yourself More


It's time to start Loving Yourself More - this is an online course to complete in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere for that matter!
With 14 different topics and worksheets, you will be mastering the art of self-confidence.

What's Included?

What's the course about?

Loving Yourself More is about confidence, self-worth, self-love and...you guessed it...LOVING YOURSELF!
This is an online-only course for you to complete in your own time - whenever and wherever. Once purchased, you will receive log-in information to the members section where you can access any course you purchase through Nina Kundi Coaching.

Why do you need this course?


There is so much value in this product, and for such a low price too. I have been perfecting many unique techniques and strategies to tailor to everyone.
This course, is guaranteed to change your life and attitudes towards things.


14 different modules and topics - covering all areas of life.
Alongside all the training and modules, you'll also receive 14 worksheets and activities to complete with the videos.


a.k.a. Fear Of Missing Out

This course is effective, it's impactful, it's powerful, it's successful. It will improve your daily life as well as in the long run.
You do not want to miss out!

Our clients love our courses and masterclasses because we are results-orientated.
We don’t just promise. We deliver.

What's included...


  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Identity
  • Vision Board
  • Boundaries
  • Raising Standards of Living
  • Old Habits
  • Appearance
  • Terminology
  • Penny Jar
  • Mindfulness
  • Behaviour
  • Limited Beliefs


Recorded Videos

With recorded videos, it means you can watch them in your own time - whenever you want to. It also means you can revisit them if you wish to rewatch them or remind yourself of the tips and guidance in the course.

Private Support Group

A private, online support group with 24/7 support - all year round. With over a thousand members and countless amounts of content, this isn't a group you want to miss out on.

Private Online Platform

With an online platform, it means you can complete the course whenever, wherever and on whatever. You'll have access to the members section of the website where you can access it from your phone, tablet or computer.


After holding on to hope that my little boys Dad would come home, step in and acknowledge him - I was finally able to let go and have no emotions towards it any longer. I wish I had met Nina sooner, she is proactive and very personable on how she delivers.

Thank you so much Nina. I think you probably understand, but this is has such an impact on my day you have no idea.

I totally love myself for the way I responded.

I am totally overwhelmed. You are incredible and I appreciate everything.

I feel so happy.

I love feeling so happy all the time now, even when the shit hits the fan!

I can't thank you enough Nina Kundi, you have given me the best superpower ever!

Who am I?

I am a 44-year-old lady, who up until the age of 40, didn't think I was truly loved by anyone, especially myself. I had a lot of people around me, however, were they true friends or just people who wanted to take something from me? I was my own worst critic "ugly, thick, a girl" (yes, I know!). However, religion played a big part in my identity and the ability to love myself. I always thought that my Father had more love for my brothers because they would carry the family name and me, well, I would just get married, have kids and look after the family doing the "wife" jobs. This was NOT what I wanted!

In fact, from a very early age, I just wanted to be independent and be a career girl. My first real relationship left me heartbroken. The second, he loved me that much he tried to kill me, smashing up my car and threatening to kidnap my family if I didn't stay with him!

Learning about boundaries, saying "NO" to others and changing my identity helped me to walk away from people who didn't give back, people who didn't support me, and in doing this my self-esteem and inner criticism started to shrink. I grew into my authentic self and I didn't care about what others thought as I would give myself the validation I needed.

I trained as a coach, I opened my own business during a pandemic - my success just grew and grew.

WHY? Because the love for myself has grown too! Loving Yourself More helps you to improve all aspects of your life!

One-Time Payment


  • 14 Modules To Watch Online
  • 14 Activities & Worksheets
  • Workbooks & Resources (downloadable)
  • Invite to a Private Lifetime Group 



What my clients have been saying...

What makes this course different?

Loving Yourself More


14 Different Topics

Individual videos

Worksheets for each topic

Invite to private group

Private Log-in to the Website

Indulge in Self Love


1hr Long Video

Lifetime Access

Private Log-in to the Website



Emma T

"I can't recommend Nina enough. It was a big step for me to start my coaching journey but I am so glad I did it.

Alice W

"I cannot recommend her enough her positive vibes and no nonsense advice is perfect."

Kelly D

"Professional and encouraging throughout, her course has been an absolutely amazing experience.