Working together to make a difference in children's lives!!

Teen Booster Programme 

The pressure of everyday life often impacts our children in ways we dread to imagine; as parents, we want to see our children grow and develop, helping and supporting them in the best way we can; however, life does not always pan out the way we thought!

Being a parent myself of a beautiful boy who was diagnosed with ADHD I have felt the struggles, Days where you are just too exhausted to stick to boundaries, sleepless nights due to conflict within the home, Trying not to take everything personally, and no matter how hard we try our reaction to specific behaviours always appears!! 

Then there is the guilt of seeing your child unhappy, full of anxiety, stressed and unworthy - Not sure how you can help them to move forward!!

This programme offers a way through that tunnel of darkness, allowing the children to learn how to manage their emotions and build self-worth, helping to reduce stress and anxiety so they can focus on being present. 

My Boy is now 22 years old and through working with him to understand more about his condition, his emotions and how to respond, he lives a healthy, happy life without any medication. 

What is this programme about? 

This is a group programme dedicated to helping teenagers between the age of 13 -17 to manage with day-day life experiences, Helping them to reduce stress and anxiety, express feelings and learn techniques to help them to overcome negative automatic thoughts. 

Children need to feel they are heard and supported  - Understanding that their thoughts and feelings are valid.

The programme will be delivered online via Zoom; there will be groups of 12 MAX (mixed gender) 

Face-to-face programmes are available for organisations such as Schools, Charities. POR Maximum attendance is 15 per programme. (mixed gender) - If more than 15 are required, there is an option to run two groups on the same day at different times.

Parents  / Schools will be asked to complete a form or face-to-face call to give a brief background on their child before the programme starts, And afterwards, complete an assessment regarding changes.

Children will be given an assessment form before and after to help them see the changes made. 



How will it help my child? 

Events such as bullying, exam pressure, and peer pressure can cause an internal feeling for a teenager that they are not "good enough or "worthy", leaving unwanted feelings and deep-rooted unhealthy beliefs which develop throughout life.

Building Self-Worth

Building self-esteem, and confidence in a child from an early age often prevents further complications later in adult life as well as helping them to build positive, healthy relationships with those around them. 

How to manage emotions in a healthier way

Experiencing emotions is natural and normal, however, we are often told to hide the negative and focus on the positive - This focuses on helping teens to feel all emotions, giving them techniques of how to move past the not-so-good and feel more of the positive, uplifting emotions. Helping them express their emotions in a way that doesn't cause a ripple effect. 

Taking responsibility for their own actions enhances empowerment. 

Managing emotions will also help to reduce anxiety and stress. 

What is involved per week?

Week 1 - Introduction, Personal Growth, Goal setting, Support networks.
Week 2 - Positive Identity - Looking at their strengths and playing towards them.
Week 3 - Social Skills - How to build and overcome fear.
Week 4 - Self Worth (appearance, values, power of affirmations) 
Week 5 - Labelling emotions - Gaining clarity on how we feel. (Anxiety / Stress / Depression) 
Week 6 - Managing emotional responses in different settings. 
Week 7 - Communication Skills.
Week 8 - Overcoming peer
pressure / Day to day Life pressure. (people pleasing to fit in) 
Week 9 - Building confidence and self-esteem. 
Week 10 - Survival Skills - Coping mechanisms. ( bullying / cyberbullying / Keeping safe) 
Week 11 - Creating a happy list of activities. 
Week 12 - Cultivating a Positive Mindset.


I asked Nina to deliver a 12-week CBT & Life Coaching Course on behalf of my CIC organisation after experiencing massive changes in my own life with Nina’s 1-2-1 coaching.

Nina was professional and extremely patient, particularly with the members of the group who struggled to get involved initially. Each

member reported having huge break throughs within just weeks of starting the course, and by the end, their lives had changed for the better.

For some, they reported being able to do everyday things that had once held them back, while others felt that they could finally return to employment after suffering from poor mental health meaning they had been off sick for months.

One member went on to expand his business, despite having a huge medical issue that had been holding him back for fear of what might happen, and even to this day almost 12 months later his business is going from strength to strength and he’s healthier and happier than ever before.

I highly recommend Nina for group coaching; she is one of a kind and has such a great way of getting people to see their potential and move toward it finally.


Happy, healthier children.

When children are happy they are more productive, more focused and live a healthier lifestyle, helping them to manage their own emotional needs often prevents them from getting caught up in the wrong crowd, as we know, Maslow's hierarchy of human needs shows how humans strive for the feeling to belong!!

Helping children to feel empowered helps them to make better decisions regarding their life, It allows them to feel safe, supported and valued. 

How do I book this for my child or a group booking?


(Individual bookings) Programmes are run every 12 weeks - The programme is £100 per child - which can be paid in full or split between 2 months. To secure your child's place on the next cohort of Teen Booster, Please drop us an email. 

If you are a school or charity and would like a price regarding a group booking, please email the details over, and we will get back to you with a price inclusive of expenses.

Contact: [email protected]